X-COM: Apocalypse v2.0.0.4

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Game Overview


There’s something evil in the city tonight… Earth has been ravaged by human excess, petty conflict and alien invasion. The world’s population has been herded into huge cities, the first of which was Mega Primus. 2084: A Utopia shattered, social collapse and civil unrest reigns in Mega Primus.…

Title: X-COM: Apocalypse

Genre: Strategy

Developer: MicroProse Software, Inc

Publisher: 2K Games

Release Date: 15 Jul, 1997



Release Name: XCOM Apocalypse v2004

Cracked by: P2P

Release Size: 394.62 MB




System Requirement Supported OS: Microsoft® 2000/XP/Vista® Processor: Pentium 90MHz or better Memory: 16Mb RAM Graphics: Supported 32Mb Graphics Card Sound Cards Supported: Sound Blaster and 100%patibles, Microsoft Sound System, ESS Audio Drive, ProAudio Spectrum, Ensoniq Soundscape and Gravis UltraSound Hard Drive: 60 MB Hard Disk Space Screenshots




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