My Device Pro v1.8.0. (Paid)

My Device Pro v1.8.0. (Paid)

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This is the Pro version of “My Device” without any Ads. My Device pro is a powerful yet simple app that lets you know all the essential details about your phone. Whether it be information regarding your System on Chip (SoC), the memory of your device or tech specs about your battery or all the relevant information about your device sensors – My Device pro is your one-stop place for all this. Complete listings of all Software & Hardware details.

#1 Device information App in this Category. All the Software & Hardware details can share. For all Hardware and software details of your device use “My Device Pro”, It’s simple and easy to use. Multi-Language support one of the important feature of “My Device Pro”.

You can explore the..
** Device **
★ Manufacturer
★ Brand
★ Model
★ Board Type
★ Hardware
★ Serial Number
★ Android ID
★ Screen Resolution
★ Boot Loader
★ Host
★ User

** OS **
★ OS Version
★ Release date
★ Supported Status
★ Version Number
★ API Level
★ Build ID
★ Build Time
★ Fingerprint

** CPU **
★ Memory Usage Detail graphical view
★ CPU Model
★ RAM Usages
★ CPU Variant
★ Serial
★ CPU Implementer
★ CPU Port
★ CPU Revision
★ Hardware Model
★ Other Features
★ Available RAM
★ Free RAM
★ Total RAM

** Battery **
★ Battery Type
★ Battery Health
★ Battery Level
★ Power Source
★ Voltage
★ Temperature
★ Status

** Storage**
★ Internal and External Detail Storage details
★ Used Storage
★ Free Storage
★ Total Storage
★ Graphical view of Storage details

** Network**
★ Connection Status
★ Data Type
★ Network Type
★ IP Address
★ MAC Address
★ Link Speed

** Camera**
★ Camera detail Specifications
★ Megapixels details
★ Aspect Ratio details
★ White Balance details
★ Scene Mode details
★ ISO details
★ HDR details
★ auto-exposure details
★ camera-mode details
★ contrast details
★ dual-camera details
★ effect
★ face-detection
★ hdr-mode details
★ lots more..

** Sensors**
★ List all Sensors
★ Sensor Name
★ Int Type
★ Vendor
★ Version
★ Resolution
★ Power
★ Maximum range
★ Accelerometer Sensor Details
★ Magnetometer Sensor details
★ Gyroscope sensor details
★ Light sensor
★ Gravity sensor
★ Rotation Sensor details
★ Tilt , AMD, RMD , Facing , Step counter , Step Detector lots more sensors
★ Accurate real time readings from sensors

** Feature**
★ Checking all device features
★ WIFI Direct
★ Bluetooth
★ Bluetooth LE
★ Camera Flash
★ Camera Front
★ Microphone
★ USB Host
★ USB Accessory
★ Multitouch
★ Audio Low-Latency
★ Audio Output
★ Consumer IR
★ Gamepad Support
★ HIFI Sensors
★ Printing
★ Professional Audio
★ App Widgets
★ SIP-based VOIP

** User Apps & System Apps**
★ List of all User Apps and System Apps
★ Package names
★ Easy open application

★ Detail description of all device features
★ Can share every details by easy click
★ Multi-language choose feature
★ Highest rated app in this category – Tools

and lots more..

System requirements:
Android Version 4.0 and up
No – Ads

For free Version of “My Device Pro” –

“My Device Pro” is one stop place for all your hardware & Software related Queries. All the device information in one place.
Support and Technical Assistance:
You can reach out to the developers via email available at the bottom of this app description. We would be glad to have your suggestions and feedback so that we can improve “My Device Pro” and serve you better.

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